Audit checklist and guides

Guild developed guides and checklists with tips to help you through your audit. Including pharmacy inspection audits, Sector Service audits and LTC audits.  



Here are some tips to help ensure you are complying with the 10 criteria for the Pharmacy Inspection Audits.

Here are some tips for a smooth, stress-free PQA audit.

Guide on sector services audits. The function of these Audit and Compliance audits is to check that pharmacies have been claiming appropriately for the medicines and LTC, CRC, ARRC and CDOS services.

Quick guide to the new and enhanced Guild member app, which contains up to date and ready access to all legislation required for audit. 

This document explains how to set up a toolbar folder in your web browser so you have ready access to your online pharmacy resources as required for audit. 

This document shows you how to easily access Martindale in Micromedex. 

This guide explains how to set up a RSS web feed to receive updates from New Zealand Legislation.

If you don't want to set up an RSS web feed you can instead download the Guild's member app which allows you to keep up to date with legislation changes. 

A self check list for the sorts of things auditors look for when doing an LTC audit.

This document has been developed using Requirements for Pharmacy Equipment v1.7 (30 January 2018).

A list of equipment which all licensed pharmacies must have located and readily accessible on the premises.

These are the results from the unannounced inspection audits conducted nationwide during January, February and March 2018. The purpose of the update is to support continuous quality improvement in the pharmacy sector by providing an overview of current audit trends and findings in the pharmacy quality audit framework.

These are the results from the from the 2017 Risk-Based Pharmacy Quality Audits (inspection audits) in the Auckland, Counties Manukau and Waitemata DHB regions. These audits are now being extended nationwide. 

Pharmacies in the Auckland, Counties Manukau and Waitemata DHB regions have been notified of an auditing pilot being conducted by Medicines Control in conjunction with DHBs during May and June 2017. This is the framework that is being used to inform the implementation of Risk-Based Pharmacy Quality Audits.

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