2018 Contract consultation

Key tools and documents related to the DHBs new contract consultation.


This document provides members with essential information about the DHBs consultation proposal.

This form will allow you to share your views with us, so we can include these in the Guild’s response to the DHB consultation.

This includes some of the questions the Guild has been asking. We encourage you to ask these or similar questions to help us draw further attention to these issues.

This guide includes comments you and your staff may wish to include in your response to DHBs. We recommend you wait to respond to the DHB consultation until after you have attended a Guild road show or webinar.

This a template email you can send to your Portfolio Manager once you have completed the consultation survey, to let them know you have responded and don’t support the proposal.

This guide summaries the content we will be covering at the road show meetings, for members unable to attend a meeting, or whose DHB meeting is being held before the Guild's meeting.

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