External resources such as list of pharmacist only medicines, ACC pain management service providers and advice on administering Caninsulin. 


This document lists what pain management service suppliers are in your region.

From 1 February 2018 there will be four funded CareSens blood glucose diagnostic test meters and their test strips.

Please note this document is applicable to all DHBs.

The Community Pharmacy Leaders Forum (CPLF) has developed this letter to help you encourage your pharmacists to take up available training in your region and provide the pharmacy services your DHB has facilitated you to provide.

Percentage of e-prescriptions scanned by GP practices, March 2018.

A list of the pharmacist-only medicines (restricted medicines) as at May 2017.

A list of the pharmacy-only medicines as at May 2017. The pharmacy-only medicines that need to be sold in manufacturers original packs can be identified by the yellow highlighting in this document.

Flowchart to help determine if an application is required to be made to the Ministry of Health for approval to prescribe a cannabis based product to a patient.

Ministry of Health's requirements for electronic controlled drugs recording systems.

The patient cohort is a new patient group identifier in RxOne that is sent into the pharmacy claim to identify different patient groups, eg, LTC Mental Health (LTC-MH), Prison.

A list of the pre-approved Workforce development activities and the PSNZ courses which are suited to the activities.

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