T&A Topics

A bi-monthly hardcopy magazine for technicians and assistants on providing quality front-line health advice.


Page 1: Promoting good eye health in your pharmacy

Page 3: Advanced influenza vaccines for New Zealand

Page 4: Mastitis

Page 1: Sun protection guidance

Page 3: Measles

Page 4: Iron deficiency

Page 1: Eyes on diabetes

Page 3: Sexual and reproductive health promotion

Page 4: Skin tear

Page 1: Leadership and management for effective teamwork

Page 3: Plastic phase-outs for pharmacies

Page 4: Insomnia

Page 1: Quality assurance in Pharmacy Practice

Page 3: Rheumatic fever

Page 4: Otitis externa - swimmer's ear 

Page 1: National abortion services

Page 3: Funding for common ailments

Page 4: Migraine

Page 1: Urinary Tract Infections - Additional options for pharmacy

Page 3: 2023 influenza season

Page 4: Conjunctivitis

Page 1: Preparing for the summer rush

Page 3: Staying focused and motivated

Page 4: Heatstroke

Page 1: Tech helping tech monitoring

Page 3: Becoming a staff developer

Page 4: Acne

Page 1: Winter wellness and the role of pharmacy

Page 3: Pharmacy technician programmes streamlined

Page 4: Eczema

Page 1: How to champion your minor ailments service

Page 3: Study sets up pharmacy technician for career success

Page 4: Head lice

Page 1: Taking your career further with PACT training

Page 3: Dealing with returns and refunds

Page 4: Probiotics

Page 1: What’s in a name? The importance of getting it right

Page 3: Insight into the role of a pharmacy technician

Page 4: Sunburn

Page 1: Leading the way for pharmacy technicians

Page 3: Designing your own career pathway in pharmacy

Page 4: Thrush

Page 1: Improving pharmacy services to palliative care patients

Page 3: Managing adversity in the pharmacy workplace

Page 4: Gout

Page 1: Project improves medicines access for remote Bay of Plenty patients

Page 3: Health and safety tips in the pharmacy workplace

Page 4: Chilblains

Page 1: Project improves addiction clients’ quality of life

Page 3: Level 6 Pharmacy Specialist Technician Certificate – graduates’ experiences

Page 4: Age spots

Page 1: Learning pharmacy in lockdown

Page 3: Building relationships: The pharmacy and patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Page 4: Urinary tract infection

Page 1: Helping tackle misinformation online

Page 3: Pharmacy Technician & Assistant Qualifications

Page 4: Acid reflux

Page 1: Who me – biased? He ngākau haukume tōku?

Page 3: Is the price right? The requirements around retail pricing

Page 4: Rheumatic fever

Page 1: Four ways to make a valuable contribution to your pharmacy

Page 3: Introducing the level 6 pharmacy technician course

Page 4: Bee and wasp stings.

Page 1: Keeping it professional by phone, email and social media

Page 3: 30th Daffodil Day: 30 years of raising awareness for cancer patients

Page 4: Blisters

Page 1: Building effective customer interactions

Page 3: Pharmacies can ‘join the refillution’

Page 4: Earache.

Page 1: The future of pharmacy – Trends and training

Page 3: Pharmacist-only and pharmacy-only medicines

Page 4: Athletes foot – symptoms and treatments

Page 1: Respiratory ‘WOF’ and follow up improves Maori and Pacific children’s asthma management

Page 3: What is fatty liver disease?

Page 4: Identifying and mitigating heartburn

Page 1: Learning Pharmacy on-the-job

Page 3: Helping patients manage arthritis

Page 4: Whooping cough

Page 1: The importance of product knowledge

Page 3: Tips for reducing fraud when accepting prescriptions

Page 4: Foot care for diabetics

Page 1: Selling an experience, not the product - A change in retail focus

Page 3: Common eye conditions

Page 4: Living a healthy lifestyle

Page 1: Conversions and conversation selling

Page 3: Common ear problems

Page 4: Recognising vitamin D deficiency

Page 1: Why do patients purchase medicines online?

Page 3: Tips for good hygiene and infection control

Page 4: Iron deficiency

Page 1: Sick leave entitlements as an employee

Page 3: Respecting patient confidentiality

Page 4: Toxoplasmosis

Page 1: Developing and applying cultural competency skills in the pharmacy for better patient outcomes

Page 3: Quench your thirst: How to stay hydrated

Page 4: First aid in the pharmacy

Page 1: Everything you need to know about supporting your patients to breastfeed

Page 3: Key steps to successful selling

Page 4: Causes and treatment of constipation

Page 1: Oral health care – brush, floss, scrape

Page 3: Providing exceptional customer service

Page 4: Diabetic foot care

Page 1: Do your patients have their asthma under control?

Page 3: Keeping it professional on social media

Page 4: Understanding co-payments and prescription charges

Page 1: Prevention is the best medicine

Page 3: Elevate pharmacy training

Page 4: Recognising and treating athlete’s foot

Page 1: Identifying and treating heartburn

Page 3: Hardwire your brain to handle angry customers

Page 4: Recommending probiotics following a course of antibiotics

Page 1: The benefits of not smoking

Page 3: Surviving the busy holiday season

Page 4: Supporting patients with depression

Page 1: Safe handling and disposal of oral antineoplastic drugs

Page 3: Pharmacy audits

Page 4: Help your patients to quit smoking

Page 1: Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Page 3: Warts – are they contagious?

Page 4: Creating an extraordinary ‘patient experience’

Page 1: Looking to elevate your pharmacy?

Page 3: Identifying and treating ring worm

Page 4: The community pharmacy methadone programme

Page 1: Becoming a Pharmacy Accuracy Checking Technician

Page 3: Focus on psoriasis

Page 4: Help us promote the pharmacy profession

Page 1: Managing pain

Page 3: Preventing and treating sunburn

Page 4: Getting up to date with chickenpox

Page 1: Tips for international jet setters

Page 3: Summer first aid basics

Page 4: GoodYarn: enabling farming communities to talk about mental health

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