Guides and resources

Informative guides and resources to help you navigate the Covid-19 pandemic.


3 March 2022. This document outlines key considerations to help you plan and cope during a period of reduced staff or capacity, including guidance on prioritisation of services, and what to do if your pharmacy needs to temporarily close.

The professional support teams at the Guild, Society and Green Cross Health have collaboratively developed guidance to help members implement changes to help you operate during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A list of contact details for Covid-19 Care in the Community hubs for each DHB.

Copies of all mass emails the Guild has sent to members regarding COVID-19.

COVID-19 protection and cleaning tips for your pharmacy.

This document provides a quick overview for a community pharmacy considering providing Covid-19 vaccinations. It is intended to identify the core elements and provide links to Ministry of Health resources where further detail can be found. Updated 17 January 2022.

Letter sent from Portfolio Managers on 21 April 2021 re Covid-19 vaccine pricing in community pharmacy. 

A template letter for your staff members to provide to authorities, explaining they are providing an essential service.

A guidance document on sending mass text messages to your patients, based on advice from the Office of the Privacy Commission.

A standard operating procedure (SOP) to ensure the safe dispensing of oral antiviral medication used to treat Covid-19 positive patients.  Updated June 2022.

A plan to help you manage outbreaks of pandemics and infectious diseases, kindly shared by Midland Community Pharmacy Group.

The HCL credit application needed to open an account and gain access to the online PPE portal.

Guidance on how to open an account and gain access to the online PPE portal.

1 March 2022. Guidance covering the rights of pharmacies to restrict access to protect pharmacy staff and vulnerable patients.  

Contact details for public health units around the country.  

A template to help you prepare and plan for an emergency situation. Developed by a DHB Emergency Planner and shared with permission.