A4 signs

Includes show cards reminding customers to present their Community Services Card and a template for displaying your charges.


This show card is to display in your pharmacy to let patients know your offer blood pressure monitoring.

This show card is to be displayed in your pharmacy, it reminds patients and customers about your complaints procedure.

A4 leaflet explaining more detail about the co-payment removal. 

A4 high level poster to display in the pharmacy about the co-payment removal.

Let's customers know you do not stock pseudoephedrine-containing cold and flu products.  

A show card to help you explain when you can provide an emergency supply of prescription medicines to your patients.

This show card is to inform patients about medicine classifications.

Lists services not funded or not fully funded by your District Health Board. Allows you to add a charge for each service, along with any additional services. Also contains information on how patients can avoid a pharmacy charge.

Explains how to use the template and why you need to display your pharmacy's charges.

Visually displaying this poster in your pharmacy legally allows you to pass on details of suspicious customers to the Police or other local pharmacies.

This show cards is to be displayed in your pharmacy which reminds customers that you have the right to search bags. A shop is not a public place so you are able to impose conditions on entry which may include a bag check. Signage should be prominently displayed so that a request to check a bag should not come as a surprise. Failure to have adequate signage could render the bag check illegal.

This show card reminds patients they can receive a consultation about the following health concerns: EPC, erectile dysfunction, urinary tract infections and conjunctivitis. The show card is in a word document and is designed so you can delete the services you don't offer.

A reminder for patients to present Community Services Cards, Super Gold Cards and Prescription Subsidy Cards.

Explains to your patients what types of medicines you can accept and provides a checklist for the dispensary explaining how these medicines must be recorded and destroy

Explains to your patient what types of medicines can be returned to a pharmacy and which can't.

This show card is to be displayed in your pharmacy which reminds patients and customers that you won't tolerate any verbal or physical abuse.

A showcard to display in your pharmacy informing patients they have to right to collect their medicines from any pharmacy they choose.

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