Join the Guild

"It is reassuring to know that even as one individual pharmacy among many members, I can contact the Guild and know they have my interests at heart."
– Sean Shivnan | Sean Shivnan Pharmacy

“I value the Guild’s leadership in the new contract where pharmacy has now been recognised for our patient-focused services as well as our traditional medicine services”
– Des Bailey | Selwyn Village Pharmacy

“I have stayed a member of the Pharmacy Guild through “thick and thin” because I believe we pharmacists need one strong, unified voice when we deal with Government bodies such as the DHBs and PHARMAC”
– Dave Ross | Unichem Motueka Pharmacy and Golden Bay Pharmacy

As a community pharmacy owner, membership of the Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand is your prescription to success. Guild members receive access to a wide range of resources including:

Community Pharmacy Services Agreement and professional service tools:

  • Acting as your sector agent
  • Tools and guides around medicine margin
  • Patient information brochures
  • LTC standard operating procedures
  • Guide to payments.

Staff/HR tools:

  • HR advice line
  • Employment agreement templates
  • Job descriptions
  • Annual pharmacy remuneration survey

Audit tools:

  • Audit helpdesk
  • Free access to Martindale, Drug Reax and the Alternative Medicines databases
  • Free access to the Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Medicines Guide.

Member discounts:

  • Discounted fuel
  • Discounted retail music licence
  • Discounted banking, fee savings and credit card processing

For a full list of resources, please download the member benefits document below.

Membership fees

Fees can be paid monthly ($300 plus GST) or quarterly ($900 plus GST).

Local divisional fees are $60 plus GST per annum and are paid at the same frequency as your other membership fees.

If a proprietor has 20% or more of the shares in multiple pharmacies, all pharmacies must be members of the Guild in order to receive our services. Additional pharmacies join at a discounted rate.