Audit tools

This section contains useful tools to help you get through audit, including access to Micromedex.


Sub Categories

Guild developed guides and checklists with tips to help you through your audit. Including pharmacy inspection audits, Sector Service audits and LTC audits.  



Free online access to the Health and Disability Services Pharmacy Services Standard

Guild members have free access to NZS 8134.7:2010 Health and Disability Services Pharmacy Services Standard.

Due to issues on the Standards New Zealand website, you can access a PDF of the Standard below.

To view the Standards New Zealand Online Library terms and conditions, click here.

Please note clause 3.1: "An authorised user may download a single copy of a Standards New Zealand document and retain that copy for temporary use on their personal computer for their internal purposes only. Standards New Zealand documents must not be downloaded on to a CD rom, data stick, floppy disk, or other portable device."

Free access to Martindale, Complete Drug Interactions and the Alternative Medicines database.

Micromedex Suite of Electronic Databases


Guild membership also includes electronic access to Micromedex (Martindale, Complete Drug Interactions and the Alternative Medicines database). This fulfils audit requirements and costs approximately $1,000 excluding GST for a hard copy version.

Martindale provides extensive information on drugs and related substances in clinical use worldwide. It includes summaries for more than 100,000 proprietary products and presents brand names, manufacturer, country of origin, active constituents, physical characteristics, uses, adverse effects and their treatment, precautions, contraindications, interactions, and pharmacokinetics.

Complete Drug Interactions offers access to drug-drug, drug-alternative medicines, drug-food, drug-ethanol interactions. It enables you to check for interacting drug ingredients, their effects, clinical significance and management and presents drug-specific rather than class-specific information for more accurate data interpretation.

Alternative Medicine Information is a full of referenced information covering commonly used alternative medicines. Its content includes uses, doses, pharmacological actions, side effects, contraindications, and safety and efficacy issues.

Micromedex login:
Password: H6J5R4

Note: Please type in the username and password rather than copying them across from this page.

Access Micromedex here.

If you are having difficulty accessing Micromedex, please download the handy guide below.


The Women's Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Medicines Guide is a quick reference guide for health care professionals that provides practical and unbiased specialised information on medicine use in pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

Guild membership includes free access to this online guide. This fulfils audit requirements under the Drugs in pregnancy and breast feeding category. 

Note: Please remember to logout when you’ve finished using this guide so that all members can have access to this member benefit. To do that go to ‘My Account’ and click on the logout button. 

Login details:
Password: PHG26378

Access the Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Medicines Guide here.


Codes, guidelines such as Health Information Privacy Code and the Code of Ethics and link to legislation needed.