A monthly hardcopy magazine filled with pharmacy practice and business advice.



Page 1: Extending vaccination services in pharmacy

Page 3: CE column and Guild advocacy update

Page 4: The return of pseudoephedrine: ensuring safe use and responsible dispensing

Page 5: Type 1 diabetes and coeliac disease

Page 6: Inflammaging

Page 7: Sharing (the workforce) is caring

Page 8: The power of a customer centric mindset in pharmacy

Page 9: Looking after employee wellbeing during winter

Page 10: Fundamentals of buying business assets versus company shares

Page 11: Simplifying retail pharmacy

Page 1: Spotlight on Ontario: Evaluating the minor ailment prescribing service

Page 3: CE Column and latest advocacy and member resources

Page 4: Insights into extemporaneous compounding practices

Page 5: Navigating the uncharted: rare disorders and their healthcare impact

Page 6: Writing a business plan

Page 7: Community pharmaceutical modified dispensing quantities

Page 8: The crucial role of pharmacists in preventing medicine harms

Page 9: Nurturing a culture focused on employee wellbeing

Page 10: Understanding tax changes for property investors

Page 11: Winning with customer service

Page 1: How pharmacy can help people with motor neurone disease (MND)

Page 3: CE Column and latest advocacy and member resources update

Page 4: Challenges and prospects for community pharmacy in the age of advanced of technology and artificial intelligence

Page 5: Leveraging patient feedback in community pharmacy for superior service and product sales 

Page 6: Love your locum

Page 7: Bronchodilator and allergy emergency kit supply through pharmacies

Page 8: Vaccinations 101

Page 9: Mastering constructive feedback and communication

Page 10: Director and shareholder responsibilities

Page 11: 10 rules for retail stock control

Page 1: Pharmacists leading community focused infection disease research

Page 3: CE Column and latest advocacy and member resources update

Page 4: Skin deep in community pharmacy

Page 5: Why email marketing should be part of your 2024 business growth strategy

Page 6: Legal and funding changes to controlled drugs

Page 7: Artificial intelligence (AI)

Page 8: Requesting official information

Page 9: 90-Day trial periods and what they mean for you

Page 10: Upcoming tax payments

Page 11: Category management 

Page 1: How to launch a new pharmacy service that improves patient outcomes and generates revenue

Page 3: CE Column and latest advocacy and member resources

Page 4: The importance of participating in research

Page 5: Enhancing community pharmacy services with point-of-care testing

Page 6: Healthify He Puna Waiora simplifies health information, educates and heals

Page 7: New cell-based influenza vaccine, Flucelvax Quad

Page 8: Payments under the ICPSA

Page 9: Addressing performance concerns

Page 10: 2023 Pharmacy Benchmarking survey

Page 11: Sustainability is about the triple-bottom-line 

Page 1: Intersex healthcare - part 2

Page 3: Guild HQ Update and latest advocacy and member resources

Page 4: Complementary and alternative medicines: A growing trend

Page 5: Pharmacogenomic testing - a patient centric community pharmacy service

Page 6: How Early Care can assist in diversifying your service offerings

Page 7: Cough medicines

Page 8: Te Pūkenga qualification helps graduate get promoted to Pharmacy Technician

Page 9: Navigatiing the holiday season

Page 10: General deductibility

Page 11: Are you ready to be a pharmacy of the future? 

Page 1: Intersex healthcare - part 1

Page 3: CE Column

Page 3: Guild HQ Update

Page 4: Climate change, health and the role of pharmacists

Page 5: When was the last time your pharmacy had a health check?

Page 6:Paediatic Vaccines Research Review update

Page 7: Opioid Substitution Treatment in New Zealand

Page 8: Empower your pharmacy business with the certificate in Pharmacy Technician-Advanced (Level 5)

Page 9: When the personal begins to impact the professional

Page 10: Understanding PIE investment

Page 11: E-commerce facts and myths

Page 1: Pharmacists: Essential catalysts for improving asthma outcomes

Page 3: CE Column

Page 3: Guild HQ Update

Page 4: Public awareness of pharmacy services

Page 5: Aotearoa New Zealand contraception platform

Page 6: Supporting the Canadian minor ailment prescribing service implementation - part 3

Page 7: Nutrition and metabolic health

Page 8: Pivoting your pharmacy business

Page 9: Am I being bullied?

Page 10: Trends for buying and selling a pharmacy business

Page 11: Trusted and professional 

Page 1: SEE US campaign launches in pharmacy

Page 3: CE Column

Page 3: Guild HQ Update

Page 4: The metronidazole and alcohol interaction: Fact or fiction

Page 5: Managing change in pharmacy to stay competitive

Page 6: Get to know the Guild HQ team: Cathy Martin, Senior Advisory Pharmacist

Page 7: Pharmacy supporting patient empowerment through technology

Page 8: Creating a positive safety culture in your pharmacy

Page 9: Talking pay 

Page 10: Maximising value

Page 11: Pharmacy ownership 

Page 1 - 5: Election special: Politicians answer the big pharmacy questions

Page 6: Management of sleep disorders in community pharmacy

Page 7: Implementing sexual and reproductive health initiatives

Page 8: Why inclusion is key to a sustainable pharmacy workforce

Page 9: Restraints of trade - what you need to know

Page 10: Common myths - seven common myths in business

Page 11: A new income stream for your pharmacy


Page 1: Supporting the Canadian minor ailment prescribing service implementation - part 2

Page 3: CE Column

Page 3: Guild HQ Update

Page 4: ChatGPT in pharmacy practice

Page 5: Maximising time for professional services in community pharmacies 

Page 6: CPAMS

Page 7: Raising awareness of hepatitis B in New Zealand

Page 8: Expanding HIV services to pharmacy

Page 9: Workplace investigations

Page 10: The Budget

Page 11: Are you part of the pharmacy transformation


Page 1: Pharmacists: A crucial team player in the MS puzzle 

Page 3: CE Column

Page 3: Guild HQ Update

Page 4: The role of community pharmacists in self care

Page 5: Enhancing professional services in community pharmacy

Page 6: Asthma and community pharmacy

Page 7: Your pharmacy's digital health check-up

Page 8: Dealing with directing of patients

Page 9: Good faith 

Page 10: Legal ownership changes

Page 11: Marketing rules for pharmacies

Page 1: Staffing barriers

Page 3: CE Column

Page 3: Guild HQ Update

Page 4: A workforce that reflects Aotearoa

Page 5: Clinical governance in pharmacy

Page 6: Understanding coeliac disease

Page 7: Cyber security

Page 8: Secure electronic lockers

Page 9: Rhythms and rituals

Page 10: Goodwill hunting

Page 11: Common sense for your pharmacy

Page 1: Spotlight on Ontario: Implementing the minor ailment prescribing service

Page 3: CE Column

Page 3: Guild HQ Update

Page 4: Telepharmacy – the future is here

Page 5: He Ako Hiringa is here to help with continuing education

Page 6: Futureproofing pharmacy

Page 7: Two easy steps to make your business more cyber secure

Page 8: How to reach your patients – SMS or app messaging?

Page 9: The benefits of a diverse workforce

Page 10: The benefits of advanced planning

Page 11: Choose your business strategy

Page 1: Medicines and older Māori

Page 3: CE Column

Page 3: Guild HQ Update

Page 4: Medicinal Cannabis in Aotearoa New Zealand

Page 5: The mental health literacy project

Page 6: Studying paracetamol and ibuprofen in primary prevention of asthma in tamariki

Page 7: From bill to law: The parliamentary legislation process explained

Page 8: Preparing for virtual pharmacist consultations

Page 9: Making changes to employment agreement terms

Page 10: End of year checklist

Page 11: People make the difference

Page 1: The broadening of pharmacy vaccination services

Page 3: CE Column

Page 3: Get to know Guild HQ team: Martin Lowis

Page 4: The role of community pharmacists in cancer management

Page 5: eCBT - a new and easily accessible treatment for OCD

Page 6: Why does my pharmacy need a website anyway?

Page 7: New national immunisation register supports extension of pharmacy vaccination programmes

Page 8: The importance of customer feedback

Page 9: The changing of the guard

Page 10: National Pharmacy Benchmarking survey

Page 11: Communication is good for business

Page 1: How can pharmacies better meet the needs of young people?

Page 3: Guild audit tools and guides

Page 4: Expanding practice in rural community pharmacy

Page 5: Pharmacy Research Review update

Page 6: Assisted dying

Page 7: Pharmacies key to supporting cancer prevention and early detection

Page 8: Telehealth in pharmacy

Page 9: Mental health in the workplace

Page 10: National Pharmacy Benchmarking survey results show to profit increase

Page 11: Surviving the storm  

Page 1: Medicinal cannabis and what it means for community pharmacy 

Page 3: CE Column

Page 3: Get to know the Guild HQ team: Isabel Cala

Page 4: Community Pharmacists and ADR reporting

Page 5: Monkeypox

Page 6: The power of hyper-personalisation on pharmacy performance

Page 7: Highlighting medicines at transitions of care

Page 8: reCare: Use reCare campaigns

Page 9: Rest, recover and reflect

Page 10: Cyber fraud

Page 11: An industry in crisis? 

Page 1: How to conduct a successful telehealth consult

Page 3: CE Column: health system reform process and Guild response to date

Page 4: Pharmaceutical waste and the environment

Page 5: Pharmacy research review update

Page 6: Championing technicians and assistants

Page 7: Migraine-specific medicines offer new hope

Page 8: reCare: Automated medicine interventions

Page 9: Creating a great experience in the first 90 days

Page 10: Employee versus contractor

Page 11: Wisdom of the crowd

Page 1: Getting on board with telepharmacy

Page 3: Member road shows

Page 3: Get to know the Guild Board: Paul Larson

Page 4: Celebrate pharmacy

Page 5: Increasing uptake of maternal pertussis vaccinations

Page 6: Dispensing digital mental health, addiction and wellbeing solutions

Page 7: Could that simple ailment hide a serious cancer diagnosis?

Page 8: reCare: IT solutions to common pharmacy workflow disruptions

Page 9: Finding your unique selling point

Page 10: Staff rewards

Page 11: Contingency planning

Page 1: Pharmacogenetics – lost in translation?

Page 3: CE Column: ICPSA national annual agreement review

Page 3: Get to know the Guild Board: Brooke McKay

Page 4: Improving pharmacy accessibility

Page 5: Supporting your early career pharmacist: An update

Page 6: Pharmacists’ attitudes towards medically assisted dying

Page 7: Mixed driving in the spotlight

Page 8: reCare: Supporting workflow optimisation in pharmacy

Page 9: How to manage underperformance

Page 10: GST changes on the horizon

Page 11: Focus on minor ailments

Page 1: Biosimilars: What pharmacists need to know

Page 3: CE Column: How the new health system will affect pharmacy

Page 3: Guild marketing material for members

Page 4: Nutrition education

Page 5: Preventing medicine-related errors

Page 6: Pharmacy Research Review update

Page 7: Award-winning medicines information

Page 8: Leading your pharmacy with EQ

Page 9: Valuing your employees' input

Page 10: Budget 2022 snapshot

Page 11: Paying the price of poor stock management

Page 1: Standing up for Pacific communities

Page 3: CE Column: Health and disability system reform

Page 3: Get to know the Guild Board: Ian McMichael

Page 4: Enabling good lives for disabled people

Page 5: Making a difference to men’s health

Page 6: Burnout – part 2

Page 7: Thriving with coeliac disease

Page 8: Restraints of trade

Page 9: Recruitment

Page 10: Buying a business

Page 11: Marketing your pharmacy

Page 1: Responding to the physical health needs of tāngata whaiora

Page 3: CE Column: Key work priorities for the Guild

Page 3: Get to the Guild Board: Keshree Naidoo-Rauf

Page 4: Pandemic-related stress

Page 5: Cannabis-based medicine: An update

Page 6: Burnout – part 1    

Page 7: Patient privacy

Page 8: Cyber security

Page 9: Meaningful conversations

Page 10: Domestic trusts

Page 11: Lessons from the pandemic

Page 1: Rheumatic fever prevention and the role of community pharmacy

Page 3: CE Column: Taking care of yourself as Covid-19 continues

Page 4: Mental health and the role of community pharmacy

Page 5: IMAC update

Page 6: Covid-19 vaccination research

Page 7: Looking good and feeling better despite cancer

Page 8: Lease agreements in the spotlight

Page 9: Absenteeism

Page 10: Looking ahead

Page 11: The future of pharmacy

Page 1: Tips for providing gender affirming healthcare

Page 3: CE Column: Guild advocacy work

Page 4: Climate change and the role of pharmacy

Page 5: Bias in pharmacy

Page 6: Coeliac disease in children

Page 7: Improving communication with the Deaf and hard of hearing

Page 8: Focus on vaccine safety

Page 9: Parental leave returners

Page 10: Shareholder agreements

Page 11: Time to review your business

Page 1: Pharmacy widens access to skin services in Bay of Plenty

Page 3: CE Column: Looking ahead to 2022

Page 3: Get to know the Guild HQ team

Page 4: Omicron and community pharmacy

Page 5: Influencing health behaviour through better conversations

Page 6: Time to give yourself a dose of your own medicine

Page 7: Providing support through the vaccination process

Page 8: Building a customer-centric culture

Page 9: Domestic violence and supporting your staff

Page 10: Purchase price allocation

Page 11: What is “business intelligence” and why do I need it?

Page 1: Collaborative research benefiting pharmacy and patients

Page 3: CE Column: Looking back over 2021

Page 3: Primary Healthcare Awards

Page 4: Drug-food interactions and the vital role of pharmacists

Page 5: HoneyLab takes on the world

Page 6: Making anti-D accessible to pregnant women through pharmacy

Page 7: Helping prevent meningococcal disease in New Zealand

Page 8: LEAN thinking in pharmacy: Part 4

Page 9: How to drive engagement in the workplace

Page 10: Annual pharmacy benchmarking survey

Page 11: The data doesn’t lie

Page 1: Achieving access equity: Focus on diabetes

Page 3: CE Column: Media and the Guild’s advocacy toolkit

Page 3: Introducing new staff: Business Advisor Jasir Kamal

Page 4: Patient experiences of e-prescribing during lockdown

Page 5: Implementing assisted dying in New Zealand

Page 6: Changing fortunes of community pharmacy

Page 7: Step up for diabetes

Page 8: LEAN thinking in pharmacy: Part 3

Page 9: Public holidays and Mondayisation

Page 10: Breaking down a balance sheet

Page 11: Less is more

Page 1: An investigation into unfunded pharmacy services: Part 4

Page 3: CE Column: Funding pressures under Covid-19 lockdowns

Page 4: Professional autonomy and the ethics of pharmacy practice

Page 5: Optimal drug dosing in obesity: Part 2

Page 6: Widening access to medicines with the hepatitis C Test and Treat pharmacy service

Page 7: Three reasons why you should integrate payroll giving into your business

Page 8: How pharmacists know so much about drugs

Page 9: Leading your team through challenging times

Page 10: Covid-19 financial support

Page 11: What’s your plan?

Page 1: Working together for a healthier future   

Page 3: CE Column: Successful pharmacy contract variation negotiations and the independent pharmacy reviews

Page 4: Dissatisfaction with a career in pharmacy: Food for thought

Page 5: Optimal drug dosing in obesity: Part 1

Page 6: A time of change and opportunity

Page 7: Vape to QuitStrong – a new way to give up the smokes

Page 8: LEAN thinking in pharmacy: Part 2

Page 9: Improving staff performance

Page 10: Understanding the timing of your provisional tax payments

Page 11: Good measurement is vital

Page 1: Health professionals’ experiences with deprescribing

Page 3: CE Column: The Covid-19 vaccination rollout opportunity for community pharmacy        

Page 4: Patient-centred pharmaceutical care

Page 5: Oral liquids for children

Page 6: Occupational health nursing: Ensuring healthy, safe and productive workplaces

Page 7: Pharmacists have a role in the management of sexually transmitted infections

Page 8: LEAN thinking in pharmacy

Page 9: Changes to working arrangements: What you need to know

Page 10: Thinking ahead: Succession planning

Page 11: You customer loyalty toolkit

Page 1: Pharmacists, pandemics, politics and pharmaceuticals

Page 3: CE Column: How community pharmacy is taking a lead in the government’s health system reforms

Page 4: Antimicrobial stewardship and the role of community pharmacists     

Page 5: The importance of critical thinking in the dispensing process

Page 6: Pharmacists will benefit from better natural health product regulations

Page 7: The importance of caring for your liver

Page 8: Staying connected: The importance of social media for businesses

Page 9: Fair Pay Agreements: What we know so far

Page 10: Growing your bottom line

Page 11: Pharmacy has a marketing problem

Page 1: High Alert helping to reduce drug harm in our communities

Page 3: CE Column: Congratulations to the winners of the New Zealand Primary Healthcare Awards 2021

Page 4: Implications of changing health information seeking behaviour

Page 5: School of Pharmacy Clinic – Otago University

Page 6: New asthma and COPD guidelines

Page 7: Coeliac Awareness – a role for pharmacists       

Page 8: Is it time to differentiate your pharmacy from the competition?

Page 9: Changes to the Holidays Act 2003 and how to prepare for them

Page 10: Process to remove a company from the register

Page 11: Is this the apocalypse?

Page 1: A day in the life of a pharmacist prescriber

Page 3: The path towards strengthening the health and disability system for all

Page 4: 3D printed medicine – Future or fiction?

Page 5: Pharmacies well placed to identify and report adverse drug reactions

Page 6: The Pharmaceutical Schedule is moving online

Pgae 7: Informed consent around anti-seizure medicines

Page 8: Why not be your own landlord?

Page 9: The fundamentals of business interruption

Page 10: Proposed changes to the bright-line test

Page 11: 10 rules for retail stock control

Page 1: Introducing the PainWISE Pharmacy Professional Service Program

Page 3: The Guild’s recent meeting with the Minister of Health

Page 4: The digital age and accessibility of pharmacist vaccination information

Page 5: Insight into two recent pharmacy studies

Page 6: Advice for supporting your Early Career Pharmacists

Page 7: Autonomic Dysreflexia in SCI patients: A role for pharmacy

Page 8: 2021: the year of digital transformation for thousands of Kiwi small businesses

Page 9: Teamwork: The five key factors every business needs to succeed

Page 10: Selling or buying a pharmacy business

Page 11: Improve your return on investment

Page 1: Emerging workforce to tackle pharmacy practice change

Page 3: Pharmacies’ crucial role in supporting Covid-19 vaccine rollout

Page 4: Challenges faced by pharmacists when it comes to dispensing medicines for children

Page 5: Canterbury pharmacies’ digital opioid substitution project

Page 6: The expanding nurse practitioner workforce

Page 7: The state of child health in Aotearoa New Zealand

Page 8: The digital retail gap

Page 9: Improving team dynamics

Page 10: End of financial year checklist

Page 11: 10 marketing rules for growth

Page 1: Understanding pharmacists’ mental health literacy

Page 3: Reflection on 2020 and looking forward to 2021

Page 4: Incorporating empathy and compassion into pharmacy practice

Page 5: A pharmacists’ role in bridging the gap in language barriers to enhance medicines adherence

Page 6: Ensuring Choosing Wisely Pharmacy recommendations relevant to Aotearoa

Page 7: Sustainable elective surgery over the next two decades

Page 8: Demystifying monthly ICPSA payments

Page 9: Courageous conversations

Page 10: Recap on the bright line test

Page 11: The right people

Page 1: The clinical presentation of coeliac disease is changing

Page 3: Guild Briefing to the Incoming Minister and ongoing policy priorities

Page 4: What do patients understand about the “risk” of taking medicines?

Page 5: Enhancing pharmacy sector responsiveness to Māori

Page 6: Increasing the equity focus of Choosing Wisely

Page 7: Catering for people with Parkinson’s

Page 8: Five ways to help keep you and your business safe online

Page 9: What to do about public holidays

Page 10: Proposed new top tax rate for individuals

Page 11: A positive message in tough times

Page 1: Pharmacists have an important role in gout management

Page 3: Ongoing Guild policy advocacy, post-election

Page 4: Mind the Gap

Page 5: Good GP-Pharmacy relationships, the right prescriptions for patients

Page 6: Community vs Hospital: How can the profession unite for the patient?

Page 7: November is Diabetes Action Month!

Page 8: Digital health post-Covid-19

Page 9: Parental leave

Page 10: Fringe Benefit Tax

Page 11: How’s your pharmacy’s fitness?

Page 1: Unfunded New Zealand pharmacy service models

Page 3: Health policy and the 2020 general election

Page 4: Increasing workforce satisfaction

Page 5: An update on the pharmacy vaccinations in 2020

Page 6: Getting better medicines-related outcomes for kaumātua

Page 7: Pharmacies go dementia-friendly

Page 8: Privacy Act changes on the horizon

Page 9: Sick leave – what you need to know

Page 10: The Trust Act 2019 – Are you ready

Page 11: The future is digital

Page 1: Commending the pharmacy sector’s Covid-19 response

Page 3: The 2020 ICPSA voluntary variation and the future of community pharmacy

Page 4: The importance of workflow within pharmacy

Page 5: Queen Street Pharmacy and general practice teams, better together

Page 6: Advice for supporting your Pacific patients

Page 7: Prostate Cancer. It’s a real Thingee

Page 8: New Zealand’s Path to Purchase. From Online to In-Store

Page 9: Is my worker a contractor or employee?

Page 10: Breakdown of wage subsidy audits

Page 11: Trusted health care experts

Page 1 to 5: Election special: Politicians answer the big pharmacy questions

Page 6: Pharmacy: A change in the wind, a mismatch of values

Page 7: A role for pharmacists in combating chronic hepatitis

Page 8: Sustainability: The key for your business’s future

Page 9: New intern employment agreement template

Page 10: Claiming home office expense

Page 11: Let’s get personal

Page 1: Introducing the pharmacy sleep service

Page 3: Progress with the national annual agreement review and related funding issues

Page 4: What is the role of pharmacy in Smokefree 2025?

Page 5: The importance of diversifying your service offering

Page 6: Tips for commenting in the media

Page 7: Health Navigator: Trusted health information for New Zealanders

Page 8: Financial issues when buying or selling a pharmacy

Page 9: Restructure and redundancy

Page 10: Budget 2020: At a glance

Page 11: You’re always selling

Page 1: Key work of the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand

Page 3: Federation of Primary Health working on new primary care model

Page 4: The role of mental health first aid in pharmacy

Page 5: Reflecting on COVID-19 workflow changes in New Zealand

Page 6: Health outcomes for Māori during COVID-19

Page 7: How to spot a stroke: The F.A.S.T method

Page 8: Tips for making your pharmacy more cyber-secure

Page 9:  The importance of acting in good faith

Page 10: Reflecting on COVID-19 and the impact on businesses

Page 11: Five online tactics to boost your business

Page 1: Guild support to members during the COVID-19 pandemic

Page 3: COVID-19 Guild member resources

Page 4: Innovative relationships between pharmacies and general practice

Page 6: Disruptive change and wellness

Page 7: Combating Asthma: Pharmacies on the front line

Page 8: What COVID-19 has taught us about business continuity planning

Page 9:  Supporting your employees

Page 10: COVID-19 updates for business

Page 11: Opportunities in a crisis

Page 1: Reducing medicine harm

Page 3: Health and Disability System Review and the future of community pharmacy

Page 4: Community pharmacy is still vital for patient wellbeing

Page 5: United States’ Medicap Weight Management programme

Page 6: Medical Council’s position on doctors prescribing for themselves and those close to them

Page 7: How pharmacists can contribute to Glaucoma management

Page 8: Advertising your pharmacy online: Getting to grips with Google ads

Page 9:  Managing Poor Performance

Page 10: Goal Setting

Page 11: Which type of pharmacy are you?

Page 1: The SECURELY® and Pharmacy Guild partnership

Page 3: Reflection on cross-sector relationships

Page 4: Truly personalised medicine – Pharmacogenomics, coming to a pharmacy near you!

Page 5: An investigation of the provision of unfunded pharmacy services in New Zealand: the nationwide rollout

Page 6: Anticoagulation monitoring service

Page 7: A Smokefree Aotearoa - could community pharmacies help us get there?

Page 8: 5 Steps to a better online experience

Page 9: Important information about 90-day trial periods

Page 10: Key updates: minimum wage, annual leave and holiday pay requirements

Page 11: Invest in your professional image

Page 1: National cancer action plan and agency a step forward for New Zealand’s cancer control

Page 3: Key ongoing pieces of work for 2020

Page 4: Are all pharmacists created equal?

Page 5: Adverse reactions reporting

Page 6: Safeguarding patient information – the HealthOne example

Page 7: Beyond Vision Loss at Blind & Low Vision NZ

Page 8: Music Licensing Laws: What You Need to Know

Page 9: Are your employment agreements up to date?

Page 10: Go the Extra Mile for Success: The 2019 Pharmacy Benchmarking Survey

Page 11: Disruptive technology

Page 1: Cannabis-based medicine – what it means for pharmacy

Page 3: Reflection on the key achievements of 2019 and the challenges ahead

Page 4: Interruptions in pharmacy

Page 5: The role of standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Page 6: Medicines Use Review: Improving medicine use in the community

Page 7: U=U: A message for pharmacists too

Page 8: Getting ready for the Christmas season

Page 9: Workplace bullying

Page 10: Update on cheques and IRD binding rulings

Page 11: Staff performance matters

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